District 16
Unit 172
Fiesta Bridge Club
210.375.05002112 N.W. Military Hwy., San Antonio, Texas 78213
Laurie Levin, Owner
August 2019 Masterpoint Race
Leaders as of 2:39pm on Saturday, August 24
(Entire field)
1stDiane Olson24.58
2ndBill Walker24.25
3rdJerry Harrington21.89
4thC David Mitchell19.47
5thLarry Levin19.04
6thJoe Ramirez16.42
7thStephen Md Hoffman15.88
8thRosemary Kelley14.09
9thTerry Riely13.39
10thPhyllis Giffin12.32
Based on club games only; points from unit games,
STaC games and tournaments are excluded
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