District 16
Unit 172
Fiesta Bridge Club
210.375.05002112 N.W. Military Hwy., San Antonio, Texas 78213
Laurie Levin, Owner
Welcome to Fiesta Bridge Club. Open to all and conveniently located one mile outside Loop 410 on N.W. Military in Castle Hills (behind Viva Pho restaurant).
We have duplicate every day of the week. All games are ACBL-sanctioned and pay masterpoints. Card fees range from $7 to $11, with a $1 discount for sponsors on most games. Please call ahead for special seating.
With our Ambassador Program, we can guarantee a partner for anyone who comes to an 11am game (Monday through Saturday) without one. Thanks to all the volunteers who make this possible. For all other open games please call Debbie at 210.862.9706.
For Newer Players
We have classes, some free lessons and separate games conducted by Laurie Levin, Diane Olson, Larry Levin and Steve Simpson. Please see each person's flyer for details of their current offerings.
Join Diane (Tuesdays 1pm) and The Canaries (Thursdays 7pm) for novice games; come with or without a partner.
The Canaries (Novice Duplicate Group) Fiesta Bridge Club
Ed Rawlinson Winter Sectional
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January 2019The Common Game
American Contract Bridge League
Sanctioned Duplicate
Tuesday, January 15
11am Open Pairs
Tuesday, January 15
1pm 299er Pairs
Tuesday, January 15
7pm Open Pairs
Bridge Express ($7)
Junior Fund GameWednesday, January 16
11am Open Pairs
January 17-20
Winter Sectional
Monday, January 21
11am Open Pairs
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